Physics 12/Physics 104 (Dual Credit)

Pre-requisite: C in Physics 11, C in Pre-Calculus Math 11; Pre-Calculus 12 is a co-requisite.
Physics 12 is an exciting opportunity for students to receive credit for Physics 12 and credit for Physics 104 from Camosun College. This course will be team taught with an instructor from Camosun College within the timetable. Physics 11 topics such as kinematics, Newton’s Laws, vectors, momentum, and energy are covered in greater depth. Various new topics include: vector motion, circular motion, thermal energy, nuclear energy, fluids, electrostatics, circuitry, and electromagnetism. Students will be responsible for purchasing the textbook. There will be a small Camosun College entry fee as well as paperwork required to take this course. See Ms. Condie in the CRC for paperwork after this course is selected.


Physics 11 Pre-Calculus 11