Physical And Health Education 10 Boys 

Course code: MPHED10--B

We encourage all students:

  • to have fun
  • to be physically active every day in class
  • to develop skills in individual and team sports as well
    as recreational activities.
  • to be involved in outdoor and indoor activities
  • to be exposed to a variety of fitness training

Physical Education at this level is a required course for graduation unless medically excused.
It is expected that all students participate to the best of their ability in order to develop social and physical skills, a level of fitness and a healthy approach to active living. .
Shorts or track pants, a T-shirt with sleeves and proper running shoes are needed. Students should also be prepared to go outside.
Regular participation is a basic requirement. When a student is unable to take part in a class because of illness or injury, a parental note explaining the health issue must be given to the teacher on that day for the student to be excused. The note should indicate how long the student is unable to participate in PE classes. If a note is unable to be provided, the student must still participate in class activities.
The goal of the department is that the students are given the opportunity to enjoy physical activities at a competitive and recreational level. They will learn rules, strategies, techniques and movement principals as they relate to various games and activities. Through the class activities the students will improve various social skills, i.e. co-operation, teamwork, good sportsmanship, leadership, respect for individual differences, interpersonal relationships. The student will develop an understanding of the terms fitness and health and will know how to apply this knowledge to everyday living.
Evaluation is based on the following areas:

  • Participation
  • Skill Development
  • Fitness
  • Knowledge