Computer Programming 11

Course code: MICTP11

Computer Programming 12 (MICTP12)

The most fun and exciting arena for learning and applying computer programming skills is in computer game design. The computer game industry continues to grow rapidly as does the demand for computer programmers. And, for any students considering a post-secondary program in science, engineering, mathematics, technology or video game design, computer programming is a core skill. You can learn how to write computer programs and have fun at the same time.
The series of courses begins with an introduction to basic linear programming structures, techniques, and conventions. Programming assignments focus on the development of games but the skills learned are transferable to any programming problem. Students will learn how to properly document their code and are expected to develop good programming habits. Additional topics at this level focus on graphics handling and manipulation. There are no tests. Rather, students spend all their time developing their skills by working on programming problems.
More advanced courses focus on fundamental object-oriented programming skills and 3D game programming. Students will use a variety of linear and object-oriented programming languages including BlitzBasic, Adobe Flash Actionscript and Unity C#. There is no prerequisite for this course. However, good math skills are required to be successful, as many students find programming to be challenging.