Comparative Cultures & World Religions

Course code: MSS--11-B

Both Comparative Cultures & Comparative World Religions will enhance your knowledge of various cultures and religions around the globe from pre-history to present. An understanding of nomadic peoples, the birth of language, cities, and civilizations lends itself to the broad scope of cultures, religions and eras that will be covered through various aspects such as governance, customs, literature, architecture, and the arts. Throughout the areas of study, belief systems will also be covered as they relate to each culture’s mythology, spirituality, religion, social structure and various other factors in society. Some topics to be examined, in varying depths, may include pre-history, Mesopotamia, Egypt, Rome, Greece, and major world religions (including their growth, core beliefs & influences). A final research project and oral presentation will be required in lieu of an exam for both courses. These courses may be taken at either the grade 11 or 12 level and you may take the course twice to receive both sets of credits (it is recommended to take CC followed by CWR in this case). You can opt to take the courses and receive credit for:

Comparative Cultures (your final project & oral presentation will focus on the examination of a topic of your choice). Comparative World Religions – this option is for students who have not taken Comparative Cultures (note that your class assignments & final project plus oral presentation will have a religious aspect to them, eg sacred places, worship ceremonies, plates of worship etc).