Calculus 12

Course code: MCALC12

Calculus 12 is highly recommended for any student planning on taking a post-secondary course of studies in engineering or the sciences as well as other programs that require first year university/college Calculus. Calculus 12 covers the same material that a student will encounter in Calculus 100, a course which has an extremely high failure/drop-out rate at post-secondary institutions. By previewing this material in Calculus 12, high school students get a head start on their university/college calculus course in a relaxed, less stressful, and slower-paced environment where students have more time to absorb material and benefit from greater teacher explanation & one-on-one help. Note that students must first complete Pre-Calculus 12 in order to have the requisite skills to be successful in Calculus 12. For this reason Calculus 12 runs in the spring so that grade 12 students can first complete Pre-Calculus 12 in the fall.