Athletic Leadership 9

Course code: XLDCH09AL

Students must apply to be accepted into this course which is designed to allow like-minded students the opportunity to explore interests in a range of athletic pursuits. Students will be allowed the opportunity to help referee and give instruction to elementary and middle school students. The course runs together with Physical Education and students will be given the opportunity to learn and demonstrate leadership skills in many situations from the playing fields and gymnasium setting for Physical Education, to organizing and managing tournaments from scorekeeping to refereeing, and many different lifetime activities offered away from the school setting, such as: sailing, kayaking, disc golfing, golfing, bowling, skating, skiing or snowboarding, all of which will emphasize working together as a team to achieve goals. Students will be instructed in first aid and with a minimum of 70% will achieve certification through St. John Ambulance. Those grade 8 students with a strong interest in athletics, who are self-motivated, would like to develop their leadership skills, and are willing to volunteer their time are invited to apply for Athletic Leadership 9. Transportation costs are required.