Visual Arts: Art Studio 12/ Art 102 (Dual Credit)

Course code: MAF--12

Art Studio Dual Credit is an exciting opportunity for students to receive credit for Art Studio 12 and ART 102 Introduction to 2D from Camosun College. In this course students will focus on creating and evaluating two-dimensional images such as drawings, paintings, stencils, and illustrations. The process of art-making will enable them to use their imagination, their intuition, and their individual creative strengths. Students will test, evaluate, and experiment with their use of media and ideas. This course will be team taught with an instructor from Camosun College. It will combine aspects of Art Studio 12 (see course descriptor on Art Studio 12) as well as a strong focus on becoming a working artist.  This will include hands on skills like learning how to make your own stretchers and canvasses as well as learning about tools that will be useful in promoting your own work and obtaining scholarships & grants.  You will learn about creating your own portfolio for use in post-secondary applications (with feedback from post-secondary art instructors).  Students will be walked through the process of having their own show (applications, titles, promoting, framing, hanging, an opening night gala, & striking the show) which will be part of the culminating experience of this course.  A focus on careers and post-secondary opportunities will be woven into this course. NOTE: English 12 is a co-requisite. There will be a small Camosun College entry fee.  Students may be responsible for supplies of up to approximately $50.00. NOTE: Students who wish to register for a dual credit course will need to meet with Ms. Condie in the CRC for the application package, and/or an Academic Counselor to ensure their career choice aligns with the dual credit courses transition pathway.