Modular Survey Course 11

Course code: MICTX11

This is the perfect place to start learning and practicing the skills to survive and thrive in our digital world. From the start to the finish of each class, students are busy using their computer workstations to complete assigned tutorials and self-directed projects in popular and creative topic areas.

  • learn digital graphics using Photoshop; create posters and web graphics
  • learn web design using HTML and CSS; create a complete online web site
  • learn digital animation using Flash; create game graphics and a splash page animation
  • learn video game development with Gamemaker; create an epic video game

This introductory course is open to all students at all grade levels. It’s all hands on, all the time. This course covers a lot of material and keeps you busy, but there are no tests or lectures. The course is designed to help build time management skills and self-discipline while providing a fun work environment.