Both Theatre Production 12: Technical Theatre & Theatre Production 12: Theatre Management

This course is designed to run all year long, although students may take it in the fall or the spring if other course demands conflict. Students will earn credit through a combination of both class time (every second day, both semesters) and practical experience, providing technical support for school events (dances, musicals, concerts, assemblies, presentations, etc.). The course is useful for students interested in pursuing a career as a Theatre Technician or Manager as well as for performers who wish to better understand the many behind the scenes aspects critical to the operation of a theatre. Within the context of the course, students can learn and practice a diverse set of skills, including: hanging and focusing lights, operating the lighting and sound boards, set construction and design, set painting, building a lighting design, set-up and operation of sound equipment, computerized facets of theatrical production, stage managing protocols, stage crew, prop management/construction, and theatre management and etiquette. Students may ‘generalize’ and obtain a basic understanding of all aspects or may ‘specialize’ and focus on particular areas of interest.

To register, students enrolling in Stagecraft should select both of the courses indicated above for their grade level. Grade 9 students require the permission of the instructor