Automotive Service And Repair 11

Course code: YMR--1CX

This is a beginner program for students in grade 11 or 12 that are learning to drive, and want to learn how to do their own simple repairs. Do you want to save thousands of dollars by knowing simple maintenance? Well then, this course is for you! ADST Automotive 11is not for the experienced, but rather for students who are new to cars. ADST Automotive 11 explores what you need to know to keep a car running safely and efficiently. You will learn how to perform maintenance checks, to ensure your vehicle is running at its best. Discover simple procedures that you can perform on your car, without hundreds of dollars in tools and machinery. The focus of these procedures will be small jobs that you can do in your driveway which will increase your confidence in your driving career. Tasks such as changing a tire, oil or even installing new brake pads will be covered. NO EXPERIENCE PREFERRED