Art Foundations 11

Course code: MAF--11

A foundation course which introduces the student to the visual arts and your growth as an artist: history, philosophy and practice. Through perseverance, resilience and reflection you will find how to create images of your place in the community, history and society while examining unique ways to represent these concepts while engaging mind and body. The course has an emphasis on modern and contemporary art and introduces a broad range of materials and processes. An emphasis is placed on the development of personal imagery.
Art Studio Practices—the students will be introduced to various mediums, tools, and techniques including a broad range of tools and processes. Topics covered will draw from the following list:

  • Art Movements-are explored as they pertain to history, and current art practice
  • Ceramics and Sculpture-using clay, wood, and plaster, explore ways to express yourself
  • Techniques can include casting, molds, pottery on the wheel, glazing and woodcarving
  • Colour theory-mixing colours, acrylics, pencil crayons, pastels (e.g. expressing yourself in colour and form)
  • Composition-space organization on a two dimensional plane (eg.1 and 2 point perspective)
  • Drawing-express yourself through the dynamic of lines and marks with pens, ink, graphite, conte, charcoal and coloured pencils. This may include illustration—cartooning, anatomy, and rendering are explored
  • Graphics and Media-image development from popular sources using a variety of techniques
  • Painting-with acrylics and watercolours. Develop your personal vision through portraiture, landscape, fantasy images, and the development of your own personal imagery, expressed in both a realistic and abstract manner.